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About Us

Wire Enamels! Insulating Varnishes! Impregnating Resins!

BAWA POLYMERS was established in the year 1985. It was set up by Mr. G.S. Bawa for manufacturing of Primary Insulation and Secondary Insulation Products Viz Wire Enamels for Magnet Wire, Insulating Varnish, Polyurethane & Epoxy Binder Varnishes and Unsaturated Polyesterimide, Impregnating Resin & Trickle Varnishes.

HARMAN BAWA PVT. LTD. is a supportive concern of Bawa Polymers and leading manufacturer of Wire Enamels, Insulating Varnishes and Impregnating Resins. Company has a head office in New Delhi. On Nov 1st 2001 another production unit was set up at Baddi t increase the production capacity. Furthermore, the company has set up a laboratory and R&D unit at Baddi to maintain the high standards of its existing range of products and further to improve the quality and research on new products.

Our all the products are RoHS compliant and some products are UL approved – File No. E326858

BAWA POLYMERS achieves customer satisfaction through effective research & development and standard manufacturing practice & strict quality control system.

The BAWA POLYMERS is managed by professional and technically qualified personnel with vast experience in the field and it is equipped with efficient and good quality manufacturing and testing facilities.  BAWA POLYMERS today specializes in manufacturing Wire Enamels and Insulating Varnishes to meet customer’s requirements with international quality standards and to fulfil our customer’s expectations.

In the year 1995 the production unit as Harman Bawa Pvt Ltd was set up at Silvassa specializing in the manufacturing of Primary Insulation Products viz Wire Enamels

BAWA POLYMERS achieves customer satisfaction through effective research & development standard manufacturing practice & strict quality control system.

BAWA POLYMERS company is managed by professionally and technically qualified personnel with vast experience in the field and it is equipped with efficient and good quality manufacturing and testing facilities. BAWA Wire Enamels and Insulating Varnishes meet international standards and can customize our customer’s additional requirements and specifications.

  • Mission Statement
  • Social & Ethical Policy
  • Quality Policy

Our Aim is to create Foundation of Quality and Success for all customers that use our products by supplying quality wire Enamel at competitive price. We always innovate and evolve our products and services to offer our esteemed customers more values and satisfactions. We will make every effort to be a company growing together with customers.

We have become leading enamel wire manufacturer in domestic market and we strive to adhere strict quality methods and standards to products a quality product.

Therefore, more and more manufacturers are finding Bawa Polymers Wire Enamels as right solution for their product total competitive advantages.

Social and Ethical responsibility of Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd. is addressed towards all interest groups who are identified as:

Society in General
BAWA POLYMERS recognizes its responsibility towards society and obligations towards environment protection. It treats this at par with concern for profitability. Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd. will benchmark our safety and environment management practices in accordance with Government regulation and international practices.

Ethical responsibility towards employees shall be discharged on following guidelines:
Uphold egalitarian values at work.

  • High concern for health and safety of employees.
    Balance between work and family life.
  • Provide growth opportunities by enhancing knowledge and training.

We believe that the regulations implemented by the Government are in the best interest of the country and therefore, we will fulfill our obligation towards the nation by:
Abiding by the law of the land.
Paying taxes and dues fully, timely and honestly.

Business Associates
BAWA POLYMERS believes in nurturing relationship with Customers, Vendors, Bankers, Shareholders, Creditors, Channel Partners etc. based on partnership and win- win approach. Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd. will be maintaining a system to review, measure and take corrective actions on periodic basis on "Social Responsiveness" level of the company.

BAWA POLYMERS in the business of manufacturing of Wire Enamels/Insulating Varnishes/Resins commits itself to provide products to the satisfaction of its customer. This shall be achieved by making continual improvements in system with emphasis on error prevention, building quality in all the operations, regular training and multi skilled development of personnel. It shall be our endeavor to continuously innovative on our processes based upon market needs and offer state of the products to our customers.
Core Values
Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd. is a continuously learning organization, believing in sharing our knowledge.
Honesty, Meritocracy and transparency are the underlying principles in carrying out all the functions of the company.
Respect for individual:
Each member of Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd family is recognized as an invaluable asset to the organization.
Commitment to Organization's Objectives:
At Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd., organization objectives supersede all other individual priorities or preferences.
Cost Effectiveness:
Being cost effective is not a part of business need at Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd., but, individual consciousness and way of life.
Sharing Prosperity:
Growth and prosperity is result of team performance and not individual efforts, hence, Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd. believes in fairly sharing he fruits with all.