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Impregnating Resins

Wire Enamels! Insulating Varnishes! Impregnating Resins!


The best strength under every single working condition is accomplished by electrical rotating gear (engines and generators) and static electrical hardware (transformers and sensors) if all the air caught inside the wire windings is supplanted with protection material. This phase of the quality included chain is known as impregnation or optional protection.

Impregnating Resins

“”These products are used for impregnation, potting, encapsulation, and insulation of electric devices. We cater to the unique needs of many Indian companies from electrical industry. Used in the Insulation system of electrical machines for impregnation and finishing applications, the impregnating resins and varnishes offer advantages like increased mechanical bonding to the winding wire, improved dielectric properties & thermal conductivity”


R One
Impregnating Resins
FHigh Speed rotating armatures, Transformer coils, PottingExcellent Bond strength and excellent electrical properties. 
R Two
Impregnating Resins
HTraction Motors & Generators, DC Torque  MotorsExcellent Anti tack properties with good film built 
R Three
Impregnating Resins
HImpregnating of HT starters & Impregnating of DC MachinesQuick curing  5 hrs at 1500C 
R Four
Impregnating Resins
CDry Type transformers & impregnation of coils

High Flash point, excellent stability after addition of catalyst


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